Vicki & Chris

w0026-vicki-chris-287Vicki & Chris’s wedding was one of the most beautiful weddings of 2015 so I just had to find the time to share it with you.

The sense of family was strong and I loved photographing all the special moments between the 4 generations of family. Vicki and Chris were so close to their gorgeous niece and nephew and doted on them throughout the day. There were a lot of nerves before and during the ceremony, but once they said I do and the confetti flew they were so happy and relaxed. Vicki looked absolutely stunning in her dress and Chris scrubbed up nicely in his tails. I love the shoot we did together on the way back from the Church, we found this field to explore and the colours of the land and moody sky contrasted beautifully against each other. It was a bit tricky getting in and out of the field but the photo of Chris lifting Vicki over the wall was such a romantic and spontaneous moment. The Great Tythe Barn in Tetbury was the reception venue with drinks, games and ice cream to get stuck into. The wedding breakfast was pretty awesome, with 3 best man speeches to enjoy everyone was exhausted from laughing by the end.  I must say thank you to Scott from Life in focus photography who joined me to photograph their big day.

It is now over a year later and any day now Vicki & Chris are about to welcome a new addition. I wish them all the joy and happiness in their future together and as a new family too.

Sam xx

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