I truly believe that a wedding book is the best way to treasure and share precious moments and perfectly retell the story of your special day. The photos really come to life in a carefully curated book that is built to last a lifetime. I have put a great deal of thought into sourcing a book that has the style and quality worthy of your special day. So don’t let your photos sit lonely on a hard drive or usb stick forgotten in a drawer.  I am very passionate and committed to the design of a wedding book and  ensure that each spread is like a unique piece of artwork with strong colour harmony and visual balance.  To recreate the magical story of the wedding day I use your selection of photos and every page is custom designed to make you laugh, smile or even cry.


The standard wedding book is 25 x 25cm square (10 x 10 inches). This includes 60 pages (30 spreads) allowing plenty of room to showcase the little moments and details too.  Parent books are always a popular option to purchase alongside your book. These are identical to your book, just a bit smaller at 20 x 20cm.


The ArtBook has beautiful archival fine art paper. The book is handcrafted and built to last a lifetime but most exciting of all, every spread is made from one piece of paper to create almost seamless lay flat pages. Every page will look amazing without a gutter in the middle of the page to distract from the beauty of the photographs. When you pick up and open these heavyweight books the quality of paper and binding can be clearly felt and seen with every turn of a page. The 12 colour pigment ink together with the superior quality matt paper create a fully archival, museum-grade product. 

Every book comes with an embossed linen book cover, matching box and even a book bag and gloves to protect the book and pages.


The Storyteller ArtBook

ArtBooks have all the beauty of fine art print enclosed in a book.

The ArtBook (25cm x 25cm - 30 spreads) - £500

Extra spreads cost £12 each

Additional parent book from £240 and bundle prices available.


You can choose to add additional pages, increase the size of the book to 30 cm x 30cm or simply upgrade the cover to leather. I would recommend budgeting £600 - £800 overall to cover extras such as additional pages and cover styles. Also if necessary, the number of book spreads can be reduced to slightly lower the price.