Baby Rupert


Spending the morning with Rupert and his parents in their lovely home was such a joy. Here are some of the highlights of our time together. This little lad is totally gorgeous and he has such a great character which beams out of the photographs. The smiles came easily as he played with Mum and Dad and enjoyed doing his favourite things at home.  In between the smiles and laughter I was able to capture the most precious and tender moments too. Some of my favourite photos are the sleepy cuddles with Mummy and quiet moments with Daddy looking out the window and nibbling Ruperts feet. These pictures are so emotive to look at because it is these times that are rarely photographed yet document highly treasured memories of parenthood.

Rupert was such a star that our shoot went on longer than usual. Well I couldn't possibly leave while he was so full of smiles. Our shoot did come to a natural end though when he eventually ran out of steam and a rather exhausted Mummy and Daddy slumped on the sofa ready for a rest (see last photo).

It was awesome to meet Rupert and document him and his parents at home just being themselves in the best possible way.  Hopefully in the future I'll get to meet them all again and capture how he grows and changes.

It was a real privilege to spend time with this lovely family.