Michelle & Geoff

Michelle and Geoff’s fun and unique winter wedding was such a family event. I think it is pretty cool when kids get to join in celebrating their Mum and Dad saying ‘I do’ and Herbie and Hattie were stars of the show too. I had photographed both of Geoff’s brothers getting married so I was especially looking forward to the wedding and seeing old friends and familiar faces, not to mention completing a full set of Hazell Weddings.

Michelle got ready at home with her family and best mate Jules to help out. I’ll never forget watching Jules’s face when was presented with possibly the ugliest bridesmaid dress I have ever seen but luckily it was all a practical joke! Michelle looked stunning in a beautifully made fitted blue satin dress and Jules too wearing a lovely grey lace dress (phew). I have to say that I really love the final photo that I took of Michelle at home.  I captured her looking so glamorous and beautiful but she had a packet of baby wipes in her hand! It was such a typical Mum moment.

The venue for the day was The Battleaxes, a beautiful country pub in Wraxall.   I love the venue’s informal and intimate atmosphere, also the guests were all wearing 1920’s style clothes so it felt a little like we had gone back in time. The ceremony was a family affair as Herbie announced his Mum’s arrival by wearing a ‘Here comes the Bride sign’ and Hattie joined in during the exchanging of the rings. The reception was so much fun, having it in a pub meant that everyone was relaxed and ready to party. During the group photos the band came outside and there was even some impromptu dancing. There were just too many amazing moments to list them all here but I must say that the campervan ride to nearby Tyntesfield was great fun, also the sparkler promenade was awesome and lastly Michelle and Geoff dancing to The Bare Necessities was a truly unforgettable moment!

Congratulations to Michelle & Geoff, photographing your wedding was an absolute blast.

Oh one more thing... there were even surprise whoopee cushions for the guests too!

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